Hey Ben Austin here.

After reading the biographies and following the work of the world’s most elite performers, I noticed a common pattern in each of their stories.

They did the little things every day.

They prepared tirelessly. Practiced like maniacs. Spent years perfecting their craft. They had a mission. A purpose. Doing the work that everyone else was unwilling to do. Reading. Learning. Constantly growing. Pushing their boundaries. Doing it the best it can be done. Mastering their psychology.

They focused on what worked and did the same things over and over. They had mastered their habits.

Unhappy with my life situation I decided something needed to change. I took a hard look at how I was spending my time and realized I wasn’t working towards my goals. So I decided to focus on ONE THING. Habits.

My new standard became the habits of people like Jordan, Mandela, Schwarzenegger, Musk, Branson, Gates, and Jobs.

If they could achieve mastery through their habits, than so could you and I.

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By mastering your habits, you can learn the skills to set you apart from the crowd.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Become a natural leader that others look up to.
  • 5X your creativity and innovation through daily practice.
  • Stay fit, lean and strong while living a hectic lifestyle.
  • 10X your productivity before 8 AM.
  • Remove toxins that make your brain slow and your body age faster.
  • Turn off your stress response and perform during times of extreme pressure.
  • Supplement for maximum brain performance.
  • Optimize your sleep and get more out of your rest time.


So many people are wasting their lives. They work jobs they hate, so they can buy shit they don’t need. Putting off their happiness, because they believe they’ll find fulfillment will be in the future. They act as though they will live forever and waste time as if it were an infinite resource. Time they will never get back. If you are going to be an elite performer. This can’t be you.

You must think differently.


Most personal development programs are designed for the average Joe or Jane. Those who are “stuck” or “just figuring it out”. They blame their life circumstances on the environment, the government or their parents. They talk about how they would be successful if the stars aligned and everything worked out.

You know that’s NOT how it works.

This blog is for people already achieving at a high level. For those who are willing to put off present comfort for future gains and don’t let personal barriers get in the way.

If you stay up late dreaming of your purpose. If you love getting out of your comfort zone and doing work that scares you. If you are a leader in your industry. If you do your work the best it can be done.

Then sign up and take the first step.