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My friends call me the illegitimate love child of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Nye. I’m a bodybuilding-yogi-science loving-foodie bringing an engineering approach to lifestyle design. Join me as I analyze the systems that go into optimal mental and physical performance and explore the stories and tactics of people who set the standard for the rest of us.

Ep 6: Ron Tsang – From Presentation To Standing Ovation

Our next guest is Ron Tsang. He’s a presentation skill expert and author of the Amazon Canada #1 best-seller “From Presentation to Standing Ovation“. Unlike most public speaking coaches, Ron is a former stock analyst who has been pitched to by thousands of CEOs and CFOs. Ron was responsible for evaluating these presentations, so he has a unique perspective on how to communicate at the highest levels. Ron welcome to the Unleash Your Inner Genius Podcast!   Question/Topics We Will Cover: Tell us about the work you do and how you became interested in public … Read More

Ep 5: Cultivating Courage With Cat Neligan & The League of Creative Introverts

Our next guest is the Founder of The League of Creative Introverts, an online community for those who struggle with self-promotion and confidence. Cat welcome to Unleash Your Inner Genius!   Question/Topics We Will Cover: Tell us about the work that you do and who you help :) What’s the story behind The League of Creative Introverts? What does it meant to be an introvert in trying to make it in today’s super connected world? What are the most common excuses people use to stop working towards their goals? What are some of the methods/tactics/habits … Read More

Ep 4: Alison Cebulla On Increasing Innovation By Embracing Vulnerability

Our next guest is a good friend and an expert in the areas of health and wellness. She is a Huffington Post blogger and speaks at conferences in the US and Europe about trust, intimacy, and intuition including the 2105 Bulletproof Biohacking Conference and the Upcoming “We Share” fest in May. She’s on a quest to always improve physical and mental health and to share what she learns with others. Alison Cebulla, welcome to the Show!   Background/Your Story How did you become interested in wellness and what’s the story behind your career as a … Read More

How Can You Amplify Willpower? Interview with Colin Robertson

Our next guest is the founder of  Willpowered.co, is a published author and a good friend. He teaches people how to improve their willpower and self discipline so that they can achieve any goal. His recently released book the Will of Heroes is getting stellar reviews on Amazon and was funded through a very kickstarter campaign. His work stands out in the noise of performance psychology writers and he is an expert in the science of willpower. Colin Robertson, welcome to the Show!   Topics Covered: Q: What are the most common reasons someone would … Read More

The 7 Step Method To Achieve Any Goal

Get clear about your goals

I think I’m going to die. It’s January 2nd and we’ve finally boarded our plane after waiting for 3.5 hours in the sweltering Grenada airport. My clothes are damp from the humid Caribbean air and I’ve been guzzling 7 dollar bottles of water in an attempt to stay cool. After a lengthy wait, we reach our seats…. in unlucky row 13. Being 6’5” and 240 lbs, with long legs, planes just don’t fit me. The plane gods have been especially unkind, as I’m sitting next to an equally massive man, who seems to be radiating … Read More

What’s Driving Successful People Today? – Interview With Jason Bay of Gen Y Success

Jason Bay of GenY Success is a top performer, marketing/business consultant, he’s interviewed 73+ uber successful entrepreneurs in various industries on his podcast and is an all around ninja-bad-ass.

He and I connected and talked about what’s driving successful people today (Hint: It’s different than previous generations).

Just and FYI: I took your struggles, suggestions and comments and formed the interview based on those. So if you’ve asked me a question before, you’ll probably find the answer here.

In this interview, we talk about:

  1. Habits, Routines and Productivity: Morning routines of world class performers, productivity hacks, and maintaining high energy levels despite working such long hours.
  2. Marketing, Influence, Mindset and Dealing With People: How to find your mentor over a glass of beer, the single most important aspect of branding, and the secrets of massive self belief.
  3. Resources, books and tools: His most suggested book (hint: it’s on my book list), why Ramit Sethi is one person you should be following and the best course in the world about starting your own business from scratch.

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The 4 Fundamentals Of Unstoppable Motivation

The other day, I was asked a question by a reader and friend.

She asked: “It’s hard for me to stay motivated and consistently make progress towards my goals. How do I get motivated and stay motivated?

It’s a good question, because when we are motivated, we stay consistent and we make progress. We’ll stay up late, read all the books, put in the extra work, develop the skills, create the habits and do all the little things necessary to realize our goal.

It’s that simple.

This got me thinking about the times where I was driven like an obsessive maniac to accomplish a goal, and the times I was unmotivated and failed. 

After searching through my stories, and re-reading the lessons of great leaders and peak performers, I noticed that there are 4 fundamentals to getting motivated and staying motivated.

When we understand and implement these fundamentals we create unstoppable motivation and achieve our goal. 

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Introduction To The Topic of Cognitive Enhancement

[ Ben’s Note: This is a Guest Post from Emiel Bakker of Focus Supplements. ]         After the movie ‘Limitless’ came out in 2011 there has been a surge of interest in the domain of cognitive enhancement. The movie portrays the main character as a stagnant writer whom after consuming a small pill of NZT-48 unlocks all of his brainpower instantly. He is able to learn and analyze situations at an astonishing rate. The movie sparked a surge of interest in the domain of cognitive enhancement because it portrays a situation we can all relate too. … Read More

4 Proven Strategies To Find Your Purpose And Become The Next Steve Jobs!

Admit it! You want to quit your job and become the next Steve Jobs.

You’ve imagined slamming down your resignation letter on your boss’s desk, running over to Apple headquarters, slipping on a black turtleneck and pulling the next “i” product out of your pocket to a crowd of screaming Apple fans!

Or… maybe you haven’t.

The point is, I talk with dozens of people each week who tell me their dreams. They want to build their own business, travel the world, start a revolution, create the next wave of consumer technology or cure degenerative diseases. “The Dream” of just climbing the corporate ladder, getting intoxicated on the weekends and retiring at 65 is dead. We don’t want that anymore.

We feel like we’re destined for something bigger and we are driven by something else. Our peers think were crazy and we feel awkward talking about our dreams to “normal people”. 

Other generations really don’t get it — they are completely driven by top line sales revenue, business growth and personal financial gain…



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5 Insane Challenges That Will Eliminate Your Fear Of Rejection


This post is going to be very different than anything else I’ve put out. 

It’s going to challenge you, push you, make you uncomfortable and hopefully inspire you. It starts with a story about dealing with success barriers and follows with 5 crazy things I did to overcome my fear of rejection. 

Some of them are obvious, others are downright silly and they all can help you (if you actually do them). 

My hope is that you can learn from my experience and complete at least one of the five challenges. If you do, I’d love to hear about your experience. You can either post in the comments section or send me a email.

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