Tony Robbins – UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN – NOTES from Audio Program

Neuro Association (+/- BRAIN Associations)

Example: Smokers associate stopping smoking as being painful. This makes stopping really hard.

3 Beliefs for Lasting Success

  1. It must change now.
  2. I must change  it now.
  3. I can change  it now.

5 Keys to Asking Intelligently

  1. Ask Specifically.
  2. Ask Someone Who Can Help You.
  3. Create Value for the Person You’re Asking.
  4. Ask with Focused Congruent Belief.
  5. Ask Until You Get What You Want.

The 6 HUMAN Needs (give us Fulfillment):

Needs 1 and 2. Humans Desire (1) Certainty and (2) Uncertainty
• We desire certainty in order to maintain our sanity. For me, I have been very fearful because my current job situation is so uncertain.
• We desire uncertainty because it is necessary for growth. Surprise is fun and it forces us to develop. Like when I do get my new job, it is going to be fucking awesome because I had to go through so much uncertainty.

Need 3. We desire Significance:
• It’s the reason why we dress different, act different, through religion, through violence (makes you very significant in a negative way),
• The real question is what are you going to do to make yourself feel significant. In my case it’s the blog and my content creation.

Need 4. Humans Desire Connection:
• We all seek connection. This is why some people fake sickness because it allows them to feel a connection.
• I also get connection through being in nature (mountain biking), spending time with my family

Needs 6 and 7. We desire to (5) Grow and (6) Contribute
• The only way we feel significance when we grow and contribute to the greater good.
• Growth is created when we get uncomfortable
• My contributions need to be in the form of creating content (blog posts, writing, speaking, creating videos, art).
• I am happiest when I’m contributing something meaningful like my content creation.
The secret to wealth and Happiness: BECOME A TEAM PLAYER

The Best Team Players Do This
• If you are going to be a team player, The thing you need to do is connect when it’s hard to connect.
• 1 st Call the people that hurt you and let them know how appreciative you are of the things they taught you.
• 2nd call the people that it got awkward with because you drifted away from them.
◦ “I’m calling just to eliminate any weirdness or awkwardness, just so that in the future it won’t be weird again”
• 3 rd Item: Make a list of my Team Members (close inter team)
◦ People I am driven to serve.

Rags to Riches
• All great movies have people going from slavery to freedom. We love it when people stand up and put themselves out there.
• We love it when people step up.

Our Lives are Meant to have Seasons:
• Another Analogy. Our lives are light a turn signal light. On and Off, over and over again.