7 Straight Forward Steps to Improve Your Interpersonal Communication

During my senior year of college, I met with a career coach. My thinking at the time was that if I had better strategies for being successful in “the real world” than I actually might do something worthwhile (the jury’s still out). At the time I knew the fairytale land of college was not going to last and eventually the real work was going to start. Oh was I right! Of all the things she taught me, the one which sticks out most was the importance of interpersonal skills. She said it was THE BEST … Read More

The 7 Benefits Of Eating Bugs! The Truth The Beef Industry Does Not Want You To Read

When I was 14 years old, I ate rotten shark on a fishing boat in Iceland. The second it hit my tongue, my nostrils, mouth, and head immediately filled with the putrid stench of moldy, rotten shark flesh. I could barely stomach an amount the size of a pea. The locals ate it like cheese. That’s when I first understood there’s an entire world of food beyond my sterile western diet. Today, the world is changing rapidly, and the palates of westerners are changing with the times. Recently a new trend has caught on like … Read More

Don’t Spend Another Dime on a Personal Trainer Until You Read This!

Personal trainers can be a great resource for learning, motivation, and determination when you want to get in shape, but hiring one isn’t the only way to achieve your fitness goals. There are a few other routes you can take to overall fitness that are just as effective. Much of what will determine success or failure for you is your mindset and how you perceive your ambitions. But one thing is crystal clear, to reach your fitness targets, you need access to the right information. To keep your mindset and actions aligned with your agenda … Read More

This is What You Never Knew About Quinoa, Magnesium, and Belly FAT

This is What You Never Knew About Quinoa, Magnesium, and Belly FAT Every year or so there’s a new superfood that hits the market, sending the masses to the grocery store. Often, it’s fancy marketing and little else. However, in the case of Quinoa, there is substance to this “new” substance. In this guest post from Rudy Dewatine, a fitness and weight-loss blogger from France (great place to visit BTW) he’s going to breakdown a few things you never knew about this superfood. Take it away Rudy! This is where I stop writing, and Rudy … Read More

5 Simple Tricks To Squeezing In Your Workout, Even When You Work 80 Hours A Week

Let’s face it, when life gets in the way, the first healthy habit that disintegrates is your exercise routine. After a hard day at the office, the last thing you want is to go for a run, deadlift or do Yoga. At this point, just putting on your sneakers can be a test of willpower and motivation. When you are tired, exhausted and want to collapse, you are fighting your DNA and won’t win. While many of us succumb to the temptations of Netflix, mindless social media surfing or stuffing our faces with an unhealthy … Read More

Introduction To The Topic of Cognitive Enhancement

[ Ben’s Note: This is a Guest Post from Emiel Bakker of Focus Supplements. ]         After the movie ‘Limitless’ came out in 2011 there has been a surge of interest in the domain of cognitive enhancement. The movie portrays the main character as a stagnant writer whom after consuming a small pill of NZT-48 unlocks all of his brainpower instantly. He is able to learn and analyze situations at an astonishing rate. The movie sparked a surge of interest in the domain of cognitive enhancement because it portrays a situation we can all relate too. … Read More