4 Steps for Immediately Breaking Bad Habits

We all know what we should be doing, yet we have a hard time actually doing it. We are quick to judge others and slow to take action in our own lives.

Unsure of how our surrounding and environment affect us, we get mad at our lack of willpower, self control, lack of consistency and our inability to create habits that would ultimately get us ahead.

It’s time we understand what creates lasting change. It’s only after we understand this process that we can begin to make the changes that get us ahead of the competition and start doing the work that actually matters.

What follows is a process for understanding how to break bad habits and replace them with empowering ones. If you have bad habits that hold you back. This post is for you.

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The 4 Benefits Of Starting A Gratitude Habit

It was Tuesday and Jim was talking to me about his cat again.

This time… he was pretty worked up. Apparently “Smokey” had been behaving badly and had clawed his favorite couch. Jim’s eyes locked into mine and his wild hand gestures swung in front of me like an over-caffeinated mom doing Zumba as he re-lived the incident. I was a prisoner to another one of his cat stories.

The exciting life of a 20 something white collar worker.

After attempting to act interested, I quickly exited the conversation at the first opportunity.

Normally, one of Jim’s animated cat stories would have derailed my workday, but today was different. Today his ridiculous story just bounced off of me.

What was different?

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Become A World Class Performer By Tracking Your Habits (The Matrix Method)

It’s a jungle out there. 

We live in a soup of marketing messages, advertisements, and media channels that are constantly pull at our attention and awareness.  Because we get so distracted, we give into the resistance and we stop doing work that matters. This is so bad, that many early entrepreneurs spend all day dreaming about success without making any real progress. 

It’s a very narrow road to success and most of us don’t stay on the path. 

To get ahead in this world, you need to be doing things differently than everyone else. You can’t be the person who spends 6+ hours a day watching TV, mindlessly internet surfing, or using your mental RAM to dream about what your “life would be like if you just had _____”.

You need a complete view of your life, a way of measuring the actions you take, how you spend your time, a method that allows you to know what’s working and what isn’t.

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Instantly 10X Your Ability Focus Using This Simple Question

After reading the biographies of the most successful entrepreneurs, scientists, and athletes of all time (Buffet, Jordan, Schwarzenegger, Weintraub, Branson, Jobs, Einstein, Walton, and Bezos), I made a new realization. 

Top performers have a knack for knowing exactly what to focus on. 

So…. the next question: How do you choose what to focus on? 


Ask yourself this question everyday and watch your focusing power go through the roof!

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The Secret to A Balanced Life

It was Friday and I forgot to bring my lunch (I hate it, when I do that!).

My coworker Blake (also without lunch) asked me if I wanted to go to The India Palace.

We grabbed plates and quickly started demolishing mouthfuls of basmati rice and tandoori chicken. In between bites of naan we started talking about our current life struggles including our financial, personal and spiritual goals.

Common conversation topics for me.

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