5 Ways to Get In “The Zone” (Proven by Science)

The zone is just a brainwave state

It’s important to know that “The Zone” is not a quasi-mythological state, but well researched brain wave state.

Research conducted by the Biocybernaut Institute shows that peak performers from Brady to Mark Cuban know how to generate peak performance when they need to. They understand how to calm their nervous system before big moments and can get generate performance boosting brain waves (almost at will).

Today’s post is about how top performers can use well researched methods and techniques to produce more Alpha brainwaves and get in the zone. 

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Key Principles To Understanding How Technology Will Change Our Future

In 1964 Gordon Moore, the founder of Intel, wrote an internal paper where he made a shockingly BOLD prediction.

Moore looked at the progress of the semiconductor industry over the previous 5 years. He noticed that the number of electrical connections on an integrated circuit (computer chip) had doubled every 12 months to 24 months.

Also known as exponential growth.

Moore predicted that the computing power of integrated circuits would continue to double every 18 months for the next 10 years. Meaning computers would get much faster, smarter and smaller every 18 months. [1]

People thought he was crazy, but 50 years later his prediction has become a self fulfilling prophecy which has emerged as a driving principle for exponential change in western society. His initial prediction is now known as Moore’s Law.


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Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow State Triggers and The Power of Habit

The first time I saw Laird Hamilton. I knew this guy was a badass. He was jacked, tall, had blond hair, and was a big wave surfer. Hamilton had calm confidence about him that came through even while watching him on TV. For some reason I was really impressed by the guy.

He was like a mutant king from another planet. The things he was doing were so beyond anything I could ever dream of doing. He was achieving the impossible and with ease. His laser like focus, calm presence under chaos, and ability to slow down time were like nothing I had ever seen. It was like he was able to see the codes of the Matrix and knew what was coming before anyone else.

In other words, he had abilities that I would never have.

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