7 Signs That Might Indicate a Vitamin D Deficiency

  As someone who has lived in the arctic tundra known as Minneapolis, MN for most of my adult life, I know a thing or two about Vitamin D deficiency. Everyone from a northern climate knows the difference in energy, physical performance, and mental clarity during the summer months compared to the winter. During my extensive biohacking journey, I’ve learned a lot about the huge role Vitamin D plays in our performance and overall health. With that in mind… My friend Ronnie Burg has written a great article on Vitamin D deficiency and how to get … Read More

Introduction To The Topic of Cognitive Enhancement

[ Ben’s Note: This is a Guest Post from Emiel Bakker of Focus Supplements. ]         After the movie ‘Limitless’ came out in 2011 there has been a surge of interest in the domain of cognitive enhancement. The movie portrays the main character as a stagnant writer whom after consuming a small pill of NZT-48 unlocks all of his brainpower instantly. He is able to learn and analyze situations at an astonishing rate. The movie sparked a surge of interest in the domain of cognitive enhancement because it portrays a situation we can all relate too. … Read More

The Surprising Truth Behind Arnold’s Success and The 5 things He Taught Me

During the fall of my eight grade year, I looked at my skinny body in the mirror and realized something needed to change. Like many people I was not happy with my appearance and wanted to do something about it. I confessed to my mom and she offered to get a book from the library about “building muscle”. A day later she returned with a book that changed the course of my life The Arnold Schwarzenegger Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. In retrospect, she could not have chosen a better book (thanks Mom!). I was hooked within … Read More

The 4 Pillars of the Good Life and Why You Can’t Compartmentalize

It was Friday and I forgot to bring my lunch (I hate it, when I do that!). My coworker Blake (also without lunch) asked me if I wanted to go to The India Palace. We grabbed plates and quickly started demolishing mouthfuls of basmati rice and tandoori chicken. In between bites of naan we started talking about our current life struggles including our financial, personal and spiritual goals. Common conversation topics for me. Blake who is 24 and recently went back to school to finish his degree was suffering from “burnout”. The late nights and … Read More

Procrastination… It’s not you

Last week, I entered a humorous speech contest and took 2nd (out of 3). I don’t consider myself to be a comedian or someone who is capable of delivering a funny speech. In fact, writing the speech tested every fiber of my willpower and forced me to challenge how I think about myself. It sucked. Just thinking about writing the speech caused me to come up with every single excuse NOT to do it. Anytime I tried to write the speech one of the following would happen: I would get scared and my throat would … Read More

Stop. Start. Do.

We are always looking for the next big thing. The next magic pill, the easy button or the one piece of the puzzle we are missing. The search for the magic solution gives us hope and keeps us going. The Magic Pill Does not Exist. After my collegiate football career was over, I took a hard look at myself in the mirror. I was 265 lbs, my face was puffy, my love-handles protruded from my sides and I had these weird red dots on my arms. Apparently this is what happens when your diet consists of … Read More

How To Stop Putting Things Off Until “Later”…

Image from, Jev55 We all have goals that we want to achieve. Whether it be starting a business, living abroad, creating the life of our dreams or breaking free of the system. This is the reason why we all come to Rich20Something. Each of us has created a vision of what we want out of life and we write endless “to-do” lists to get all of those things done. Between creating a website, marketing, social media, time management, finding topics and creating content, there are enough “to-do’s” that make the strongest person crumble. Each “to-do” is a … Read More

Eliminate Stress and Block the Haters with HRV Training

  Getting Stressed Out is a Choice This post is about my favorite method for turning off stress and dealing with anxiety. Stress can be turned off, Like a light switch. You just have to know which switch. This practice I am going to discuss, has been an absolute game changer for me. I have spent the majority of my adult life in an anxious/stressed out state because I did not know how to generate my own positive emotions. I relied on external influences to feel good and as a result, I was at the mercy of my environment. … Read More

The Best Podcast Episodes of All Time

The Best Podcast Episodes of All Time People ask me, all the time… “What should I listen to?” My Answer: “Podcasts” Them: “Why should I listen to Podcasts” Me: “Really smart people get interviewed in an uncut, uncensored fashion where they get to share their ideas about (Insert interest) ” Them: “Oh OK…..”   Why Podcasts? Want to learn how to burn fat more efficiently? There are hundreds of experts out there who give their best stuff away for free. Want to start a business? Look no Further. Turning off the garbage on the radio and listening to something … Read More

The Flow State Triggers: How to learn anything, achieve greatness and become the best version of yourself

  The first time I saw Laird Hamilton. I knew this guy was a badass. He was jacked, tall, had blond hair, and was a big wave surfer. Hamilton had calm confidence about him that came through even while watching him on TV. For some reason I was really impressed by the guy. He was like a mutant king from another planet. The things he was doing were so beyond anything I could ever dream of doing. He was achieving the impossible and with ease. His laser like focus, calm presence under chaos, and ability to … Read More