Don’t Spend Another Dime on a Personal Trainer Until You Read This!

Personal trainers can be a great resource for learning, motivation, and determination when you want to get in shape, but hiring one isn’t the only way to achieve your fitness goals. There are a few other routes you can take to overall fitness that are just as effective.

Much of what will determine success or failure for you is your mindset and how you perceive your ambitions. But one thing is crystal clear, to reach your fitness targets, you need access to the right information.

To keep your mindset and actions aligned with your agenda to get in shape, surround yourself with information and influences that are in line with your goals. This means reading books and blog posts and watching videos and documentaries on fitness and how to overcome obstacles. You can learn pretty much anything about fitness and health via the internet, which is far more cost-effective than hiring a personal trainer.


Use Technology for Success

In this day and age, you can find endless resources for fitness and adopt a positive attitude. The internet gives us access to a vast amount of health and fitness information that once would have seemed impossible without consulting a personal trainer.

Consider this: Many gyms don’t require personal trainers to be certified or have university degrees, which means almost anyone can walk into a gym and sign up to become a trainer. This is worrying, as it means you could spend a lot of money learning ineffective fitness routines or, worse, injure yourself. While some online fitness experts may not be certified, there’s so much social proof from the number of views, thumbs-up ratings, and comments that you can make an educated decision as to whether you should listen to them or not.


Turn on YouTube

YouTube is home to thousands of fitness tutorials and motivational videos. Channels such as POPSUGAR Fitness and Turbulence Training offer unique, natural and easy-to-follow workout routines that are just as high quality, if not more, as what you’d learn from a personal trainer.

With YouTube, you can learn from experts based across the entire globe. Want to learn Muay Thai from experts in Thailand? Or Krav Maga from someone in Israel? It’s possible through YouTube, though you may run into region-blocked content, but this is easily solved with a Virtual Private Network.


Download Apps

Apps can also be very useful tools to add to your fitness arsenal. You can download ones that measure your daily activity, alerting you on whether you need to be more active or rewarding you for hitting your targets. In addition to exercises, some include dieting advice and tips, such as water hydration levels and healthy food recipes.

Try finishing the 21-Day Shred, which offers diet plans and exercise routines to get fit in three weeks. Looking for something a little less intense? Sworkit takes a holistic and natural approach to fitness, teaching routines that require no equipment at all—even more reason why you don’t need a personal trainer. You can make your smartphone or tablet your own virtual personal trainer!

While it may help to have a personal trainer, you should explore other ways to achieve your fitness goals. Using technology and the information that’s available online almost makes the need for a trainer obsolete.

If, however, you do decide to hire a personal trainer, make sure you research his or her certifications, qualifications and experience. Also, understand that you must have realistic expectations on what you can learn from a personal trainer and how much one can help you.

Health and overall wellness require that you maintain a balance in multiple areas of your life, namely your mindset, fitness, and diet. This could mean hiring someone to help you achieve that balance, but know that you don’t have to with all the resources at your fingertips.


Author Bio:

Caroline is health and fitness enthusiast who enjoys spreading awareness for the most effective and gratifying methods for achieving success, which often involves the use of technology.

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