Dr. Jeff Spencer – Why some people succeed and others fail

Why do some people succeed and others fail?


Our next guest on the podcast Dr. Jeff Spencer has an interesting perspective on the question. 

For the past forty years, he’s been a professional student of human achievement and has worked with and alongside Gold-Medal Olympians, World-Champion Athletes, Fortune 500 Leaders, Including Sir Richard Branson, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Bono and U2, Maria Sharapova and many other top performers just like you. 


In this exclusive Interview with Dr. Jeff Spencer, you’ll learn:

    • The success framework Dr. Spencer used to become an Olympic athlete.
    • How to crack the code of the champions blueprint.
    • Why not getting what you want right away is a good thing. 
    • The distinction between passion and purpose.
    • How to find purpose by following your natural curiosity.  
    • How to create laser-like focus and not deviate from your goals.
    • How to differentiate between goals and wishes.
    • Why all objectives are often like romantic relationships.
    • How to develop a winning mindset, push through resistance, and excel as a leader. 


Questions and Topics Covered:

  • Tell us what you do and how you became interested in peak performance?
  • How did you discover that you wanted to dedicate your life to teaching others to be the best version of themselves?
  • How to distinguish between temporary passion and meaningful purpose
  • How did your career as an athlete influence your ability to master new subjects and skills later in life?
  • Champions Blueprint Workshop: 
  • Tell us about the workshop and what someone can expect if they attend?
  • Creating a Legacy Statement
  • How do we develop a state of readiness so that we can perform during those pivotal moments?
  • What steps can someone take right now if they want to start creating their champions blueprint?


Rapid Fire Questions:

What is the #1 habit you contribute most to your success?

  • Persistence

What mentor had the biggest impact on your life and why?

  • His Olympic cycling coach, especially when he said: “your highest obligation is to follow your curiosity.”

Do you have a morning routine or a ritual to prime yourself for the day?

  • Take the time to be aware of your conscious awareness before you do anything else, where revelation and problem solving are presenting to our consciousness.

  • Wait 2-3 minutes before we go into full conscious awareness.

What is the #1 book you’ve recommended to others and why?

Where’s the best place is to connect with you?

www.drjeffspencer.com (Signing up for his email list!)



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