5 Simple Tricks To Squeezing In Your Workout, Even When You Work 80 Hours A Week


Let’s face it, when life gets in the way, the first healthy habit that disintegrates is your exercise routine.

After a hard day at the office, the last thing you want is to go for a run, deadlift or do Yoga. At this point, just putting on your sneakers can be a test of willpower and motivation. When you are tired, exhausted and want to collapse, you are fighting your DNA and won’t win.

While many of us succumb to the temptations of Netflix, mindless social media surfing or stuffing our faces with an unhealthy cornucopia of junk food, my man Andrew Fox has the solution for YOU!

Take it away Andrew!

This is where I stop writing, and Andrew takes over :)



If you’re reading this, then you’re probably aware of the benefits of a regular exercise routine, which means that you’ve at least considered, if not tried and stopped an exercise routine. Either way, you should know that you’ve taken the first steps towards successfully making exercise a part of your life, which is in itself great news.

Now, given that you have a demanding job plus a hundred other things to complete on a daily basis, how exactly does one fit working out into the equation? Well, as it turns out there are several things that you could do to make exercise a part of your day without neglecting all the other stuff that requires your attention. Let’s get to it…


1. Make a Commitment

Perhaps the most significant thing that you can do to make regular exercise apart of your life is to make a commitment to it. Some studies conducted over the years have indicated that those who write down their goals accomplish much more than those who don’t. Here are some more benefits of writing down your goals.

However, before you make a commitment, you should know your ‘why.’ Without a solid and real ‘why’ the chances are that when the going gets tough, your commitment will fall on its face. So, spend some time and ask yourself what the motivation behind your commitment to exercise is. Maybe it’s the desire to be fit to play with your kids or to simply to present your best self to the world, whatever it is, knowing your ‘why’ is going to be your fuel to see your commitment through.

2. Do What you enjoy Doing

Equally important as making a commitment is to ensure that you choose an activity that you enjoy. Too often people end up choosing the thing that is the most popular or that they have heard is the best workout, regardless of whether they have any interest in it. You need to be your judge; if you hate running or cycling, there’s no reason that you should be engaging in them, even if it’s the ‘in-thing’ amongst your close circle of colleagues or friends. However, if you’re not sure about an activity or an exercise, don’t be afraid to experiment with different exercise formats until you’re satisfied.

3. Join an Office Group or Fitness Challenge


Joining any office group that takes part in some exercise, whether it’s playing some hockey or football at the park or road biking a few times a week can be a great way to get in your exercise. Most large companies today have a gym and yoga room on the premises, so unless you’re working at a small startup, it’s a good idea to carry a change of clothes and uses the facilities. Keep in mind that you don’t need to spend hours in the gym; you just need to get the recommended 2 hours and 30 minutes of exercise every week to feel better and perform better.

4. Keep Things Simple

You’re more likely to be consistent with your exercise if you keep things simple. Avoid workouts that involve performing complex body split routines or routines that require using various workout machines and tools. A simple full-body workout that includes 3-5 compound exercises is perhaps your best bet. You can’t go wrong with a routine consisting of pushups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, and deadlifts. If you wish to increase difficulty or intensity, you can always incorporate a wide number of variations or try some HIIT or Tabata.

5. Workout at Home


If you don’t have access to the gym at work or close to work, working out at home can be a great alternative. Remember, you don’t need fancy equipment or an elaborate home gym to get in a good workout. A pull-up bar and a barbell with some weights are more than sufficient, or if you like cardio, a treadmill or indoor cycle is all the equipment you’ll need.

andrew-foxAuthor Bio: Andrew is the founder and CEO at Aim Workout. His enthusiasm for fitness and adventure has led him on several mountain biking, deep sea diving, and rock climbing journeys. He is also a trained Boxing instructor and an avid triathlete. As a passionate fitness professional, Andrew endorses the pull up power tower as the no. 1 strength training tool.

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