Interview With John Hargrave: Mind Hacking, The Secret Service, and Overcoming Adiction

Negative thoughts getting in the way and holding you back?

We’ve got a solution for you!

Ben chats with Sir John Hargrave, CEO of Media Shower about his soon to be released book Mind Hacking. His new book is about reprogramming your brain using strategies taken from the computing world. The tactics outlined are designed to eliminate negative thought patterns and replace them with empowering ones. 

In the interview, we talk about growing up in the computer revolution, overcoming addiction and how he almost got arrested by the secret service!

Check out this and more in our interview. Click on the SoundCloud link below for the interview. 

Resources Mentioned

John’s Books

About Ben Austin

My friends call me the illegitimate love child of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Nye. I’m a bodybuilding-yogi-science loving-foodie bringing an engineering approach to lifestyle design. Join me as I analyze the systems that go into optimal mental and physical performance and explore the stories and tactics of people who set the standard for the rest of us.
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