How To Stop Putting Things Off Until “Later”…

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We all have goals that we want to achieve. Whether it be starting a business, living abroad, creating the life of our dreams or breaking free of the system. This is the reason why we all come to Rich20Something.

Each of us has created a vision of what we want out of life and we write endless “to-do” lists to get all of those things done. Between creating a website, marketing, social media, time management, finding topics and creating content, there are enough “to-do’s” that make the strongest person crumble. Each “to-do” is a test of our willpower and taps directly into the energy we have set to do other things in our life.

I found a couple of comments on Rich20Something that really stuck out:

“I often feel like my all of my passions are stuck on one of those “Under Construction” signs”

“I have this tendency to procrastinate on tasks I don’t “feel like” doing at the time, and then convincing myself I’m actually not procrastinating but just doing “other” tasks before this dreaded one. It’s a shameful cycle. “

“Because I’m so all over the place all the time, nothing actually gets done and as a result, I’m 22 with very little to show for all the time I’ve spent thinking about and planning all my projects.”

We know if we take action and do the things we are supposed to, our lives will be better and we will continue to develop. Yet, how many of us are able to buckle down and do the things that actually matter?

Have you ever thought about working on your business and then all of a sudden felt really tired? Maybe you started working on it but could not resist the urge to check your Facebook newsfeed? Perhaps you were about to start working on your business and then “just had to” clean your apartment? What excuse did you invent?

Are you someone who loves to do things later?… this post is for YOU.

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