MI40 Program Review: Ben Pakulski’s Muscle Building Workouts

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MI40 Review

I was introduced to MI40 by a friend of mine (thanks Matt) a while back. He raved about a bodybuilder that I had never heard of: Ben Pakulski. He was not one of the big three bodybuilders at the time, so it seemed strange that Matt was so interested in this guy.

In the past, I’ve been less than impressed with the training programs of most bodybuilders, as they don’t seem to work unless you are a genetic freak and are willing to re-do your endocrine system. A couple of months later, my training was getting really stale and I needed to mix it up a bit I decided to take the plunge and fork over my hard earned cash for what I thought would just be another basic body building template.

I could not have been more wrong.

I ordered it and started going through the materials. Immediately I knew this was different than pretty much everything else I had been exposed to.

There was a lot of information to go through: ebooks, 18+ hours of video, guides, calendars etc. So I took my time. Four weeks later, I started the program.


I completed the first week of workouts and they were just as brutal as described. My body had never been sorer. Prior to this I rarely got sore from training. Now it hurt to stand, sit, lie down, sleep, talk. Literally, every muscle and joint ached like I had never worked out before. Delayed onset muscle soreness is an indicator for potential muscle growth, I clearly had maximized that pathway :)

Progress Stats (before and after)

MI40 Stats

I ran this program exactly as specified and my results were nothing short of stunning. I have been lifting weight for more than 15 years. MI40 gave me the type of gains only newbies get when they start training.

I keep pretty good stats of myself year round so that I know if I’m moving the needle in the right direction. There are two things that should stick out. 1 is the 10 lb weight gain with a dramatic decrease (-12mm) in an abdominal skinfold measurement. This correlates with a 2-3% drop in Bodyfat.

The results speak for themselves.

What’s Inside

  • 21 Days to Bigger Arms
  • Exercise Guide (cheat sheet)
  • Main Training Manual
  • Calendar
  • Nutrition Manual
  • Printable Workout Sheets
  • Supplement Guide
  • Best bodybuilding/hypertrophy focused program I have ever tried (I have tried a lot)
  • Different than most training courses
  • BPak takes a holistic approach to bodybuilding and takes special care of inflammation. Which is usually an afterthought of most bodybuilders (hence the high rates of heart disease/atherosclerosis)
  • The program reads like a course, where the principles build on top of each other.
  • The supplement guide also teaches principles for supplementing minus the bro science
  • Awesome Videos (seriously, they are worth the price of the course alone)
  • Clear workout schedules
  • All of the extra goodies
  • The 21 Days to bigger arms will change the appearance (and Size) of your pipes
  • The volume and intensity approach to bodybuilding will shock your muscles into instant growth.
  • Everything you learn, you can apply to other training methods.



  • Overtraining/Over Reaching: This program is designed to make to over train for 40 days. Following the program you should “over recover”. The overtraining process can make you feel really crappy, especially towards the end of the program. If your sleep and digestion begin to suffer, this is a sign of para-sympathetic stress. When this happens you really need to make sure that you are doing everything in your arsenal to recover. Ice baths, massage, lots of water, TENs, foam roller, and active recovery are all essential to the success of this program. Do them all.
  • This is not a course for hardcore newbies: The volume, intensity and frequency will crush you.
  • Pakuslki Recommends Glucose Disposal Agents in the supplements guide: I disagree with this recommendation as I’ve never seen a study which shows that they preferentially store glucose in muscle tissue (instead of fat). Also you want a greater insulin response post workout. That is why you would be better served eating high glycemic carbs post workout and adding BCAA’s or Leucine to increase the insulin output.
  • I disagree with some of the food recommendations: Pakulski is very big on brown rice and oatmeal as main carb sources. This might be an OK recommendation for someone pre workout, but I think you are better off with higher glycemic choices specifically in the post workout window.


  • This is not the program to half ass and put a crappy effort into. Pick 40 days where you can fully commit to chalking up gym time and preparing food. Personally I ran this during the cold and dark Minnesota winter months.
  • You will not be able to read assimilate and digest all of the information in the program. There is over +18 hours of videos, and 200+ of pages of ebooks to go through. Take your time, take notes and re-watch all of the videos as needed.DO NOT try to assimilate all of the information in one sitting. You won’t remember everything. Study it and take your time.
  • Print the exercise cheat sheets before you watch the videos. Take notes on these and bring them with you to the gym
  • Buy the foundational supplements he recommends before beginning the program. You will want them trust me. You will want at least creatine, whey isolate and a high glycemic carb powder.
  • Back off the training as needed when your sleep and digestion suffer. This happened for me during the last two weeks.

After Completing MI40

Step 1: take 2 weeks off from lifting weights. Eat lots of good protein, fats and carbs (at the appropriate times). Make sure to take care of your adrenals as well. Back off the caffeine, sleep a lot, add sea salt to your diet and supplement with tyrosine following the program

Step 2: Find a strength (low volume) training program to follow

Step 3: Slowly ramp up your strength training.


Call to action

MI40 has completely revolutionized the way that I train and the way I think about training. Ben Pakuslki teaches you principles that can be applied to any training template.

This is the type of training program that I wish I would have known about years ago. Everything you learn here is completely transferable to any other type of training you do.

If you found this review helpful and want to Purchase MI40, please do so through my affiliate link.

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Thanks folks!

As always if you have questions please post them below for others to see.


Here is a seminar with Ben. Definitely worth the watch:

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