This is What You Never Knew About Quinoa, Magnesium, and Belly FAT

This is What You Never Knew About Quinoa, Magnesium, and Belly FAT Every year or so there’s a new superfood that hits the market, sending the masses to the grocery store. Often, it’s fancy marketing and little else. However, in the case of Quinoa, there is substance to this “new” substance. In this guest post from Rudy Dewatine, a fitness and weight-loss blogger from France (great place to visit BTW) he’s going to breakdown a few things you never knew about this superfood. Take it away Rudy! This is where I stop writing, and Rudy … Read More

The Ultimate Female Weight Loss Q and A

Modern Life at Odds With Women’s Health Virtually every aspect of modern life is at odds with a woman’s biology. Literally everything. The food, the lifestyle, the stress, the human reward systems, and the relationships are at odds with the way women (and Men) have evolved to live. It is one of the main reasons why we have seen such an increase in obesity, degenerative, autoimmune and cognitive disease with women. The sad state of health has really really hit home for me in recent years. Many of the women in my life have dealt with serious … Read More

How to Bulk Up for Skinny Guys: A Beginners Muscle Building Diet Plan

Who’s this for? This post is aimed at the skinny guy looking to add quality muscle and minimize or eliminate fat gain while doing so. Endomorphs or guys who are carrying 30 lbs of extra fat should stop reading right now. Don’t Make My Mistakes My freshman year of college I weighed in at an even 200 lbs. My senior year I topped out around 265 (not all good weight). My four years in college I spent gaining and losing weight depending on whatever activity I was doing at the time. Football season, add a few lbs. … Read More