Procrastination… It’s not you

Last week, I entered a humorous speech contest and took 2nd (out of 3). I don’t consider myself to be a comedian or someone who is capable of delivering a funny speech. In fact, writing the speech tested every fiber of my willpower and forced me to challenge how I think about myself. It sucked. Just thinking about writing the speech caused me to come up with every single excuse NOT to do it. Anytime I tried to write the speech one of the following would happen: I would get scared and my throat would … Read More

How To Stop Putting Things Off Until “Later”…

Image from, Jev55 We all have goals that we want to achieve. Whether it be starting a business, living abroad, creating the life of our dreams or breaking free of the system. This is the reason why we all come to Rich20Something. Each of us has created a vision of what we want out of life and we write endless “to-do” lists to get all of those things done. Between creating a website, marketing, social media, time management, finding topics and creating content, there are enough “to-do’s” that make the strongest person crumble. Each “to-do” is a … Read More