Become A World Class Performer By Tracking Your Habits (The Matrix Method)

It’s a jungle out there. 

We live in a soup of marketing messages, advertisements, and media channels that are constantly pull at our attention and awareness.  Because we get so distracted, we give into the resistance and we stop doing work that matters. This is so bad, that many early entrepreneurs spend all day dreaming about success without making any real progress. 

It’s a very narrow road to success and most of us don’t stay on the path. 

To get ahead in this world, you need to be doing things differently than everyone else. You can’t be the person who spends 6+ hours a day watching TV, mindlessly internet surfing, or using your mental RAM to dream about what your “life would be like if you just had _____”.

You need a complete view of your life, a way of measuring the actions you take, how you spend your time, a method that allows you to know what’s working and what isn’t.

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