My Story

My story actually begins with a “love story”. I was going into my Senior year of college and was in the middle of the football pre-season. Our team got the night off and at age 21 I had one thing on my mind :)

A buddy of mine called me up with plans to go and party with the dance team girls. I of course said yes.

We walked across campus to one of the other building and up the flight of stairs to the room. When I opened the door, I saw her sitting on the couch. Time stopped and the room  surrounding her became fuzzy and blurry. I smiled, walked over to her and sat down. From that moment I was hooked. We began dating shortly after that and the rest is history.

Michelle and Me Shortly After We Met.

Michelle and Me Shortly After We Met.

The END… not really.

Michelle and I became very close, but I could tell something was very different about her. Sometimes she would tell me she was dizzy, lightheaded and I could tell she was in pain. I didn’t know it at the time, but Michelle was suffering from symptoms of POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). A mouthful right?

Growing up with a father who is a health and safety expert, my solution to any illness or sickness was to go to the doctor. I was always told, “if you are sick go to the doctor”. Naturally I passed this advice to Michelle and we visited doctor after doctor.

We spent hours in waiting rooms visiting specialists (including some of the “best” in the world). We tried the fanciest pharmaceutical interventions and every bit of advice we were told. Everything that we tried, failed. Every doctor was dumbfounded and there were no answers to be found. I fell into a rut of frustration, a downward spiral of emotions and feelings.

Nothing worked.


Finally some good news…

Michelle had been admitted into the mayo clinic’s center for pain management. She would get the best treatment from the greatest physicians in the world. We spent three weeks at mayo clinic hoping for answers, solutions or some slight improvement. Unfortunately, it became painfully aware that even mayo clinic had no idea what to do. 3 weeks, 10s of thousands of dollars down the toilet and still no answers.

I knew the answers were out there, we just were not looking in the right places.

I began searching for the answer. No one else was going to work harder or more than me. I knew that.

I began reading and researching for hours every day. It was all I thought about. I immersed myself in the world of fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. I read hundreds of books, thousands of articles and thousands of interviews with the experts in each field.

The things I post here are a collection of what I have learned on my journey.

I feel a real duty to share the things that I have learned. I want people to understand that they can take their life into their own hands. This blog is not for everyone, and that’s OK. I am going to make some people mad, others happy and everyone is going to be challenged.

Who’s this Blog For?

This blog is intended for people who want to cultivate successful habits and are not happy being average.


About Ben Austin

My friends call me the illegitimate love child of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Nye. I’m a bodybuilding-yogi-science loving-foodie bringing an engineering approach to lifestyle design. Join me as I analyze the systems that go into optimal mental and physical performance and explore the stories and tactics of people who set the standard for the rest of us.
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  • Frik

    Ben, did you find a cure for Michelle?

    • I/we did :) She’s been doing awesome and we were married in December.